Why Robots Are More Tempting Than Disneyland Candy Floss

Disneyland?!?!? Love It! Maybe not the sugar rush from candyfloss but definitely the Small World characters.

For almost 60 years Disneyland has used animatronic figures — the dynamic robots that bring our beloved Disney characters to life. But Disney’s newly launched (literally) Stuntronics are a whole new ball game.

Initially they were built out of a small research project called Stickman. Disney Imagineering’s Stuntronics are fully autonomous, self-correcting aerial performers designed to fly across Disney parks, striking heroic poses and following perfect trajectories to stick the landing every time. The stuff that would make most stunt men and woman jealous! They’re geared with on-board accelerometers and gyroscopic arrays that mean these robotic ‘stuntpeople’ can be flung into the air like trapeze artists, controlling rotation and center of mass with amazing precision. And all without worrying about the union demanding extra pay for risky work.

As Virtual Reality and immersive digital technologies are increasingly bringing us into the on-screen action,\ the addition of lifelike autonomous robots are bringing the action to you IRL (in real life). Whether it’s Elastagirl or Iron Man, Disney’s lifelike Stuntronics robots will electrify real-world entertainment as they perform near-superhuman stunts throughout the theme parks and usher in an era of safe interactive spaces.

This extraordinary step towards human-like bipedal walking robots presents a massive breakthrough in robotic dynamism and precise maneuvering.

I guess it doesn’t stop me from snacking on the candyfloss tho …


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